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  1. Emmanuel says

    please when you get a new account no. does it mean the old one can’t be used again?
    do I need to still pay in money with my old account?

    • TechNDevice says

      Please do welcome back the SIM or visit a bank branch and provide your account number, and then ask for your BVN. Thanks

  2. tina says

    Please i opened an account with access. Haven’t received my account no so i dialed *901# and got a new account no. Is it valid?

  3. Jerry says

    Please can I register for access bank ussd with my bvn,since I am currently not with my ATM,and I am out of the country

  4. Agnes says

    Please am in Ghana I lost the sim I use to receive alerts, now I have been sending money to my account but don’t receive alerts, please help me

  5. Blessing Felix says

    It’s not working because the company refused to register my number, there are giving me useless option that I don’t understand

  6. Cynthia says

    Pls am worried I used to see my account balance here in Ghana but now I no longer see my account balance and credit alert even with my sim if I check my bal they tell me something like fetching account balance failed with error your account can not be acced by this time contact us for assistance the number they sent to me I have called and called only for my credit to be deducting am so so unhappy about it because I need to do some transactions today pls help out

  7. Mr. Okafor Jude says

    Good day and how are you doing?well i forgot my account number and i also want to activate my online service ,which i have called severally,i spoke with customer care agents,and they sent me email with a form which i print and scan back to them,which they told me that one of the agents will call me or mail me.. Now is almost a week and some days i have never received any call,please what should i do ?

          • Okafor Jindu Jude says

            I can not visit any branch because am not in Nigeria for now,will this take a hole year to get reply ??????????

          • Okafor Jindu Jude says

            Please which of numbers to call for customers care ?i called this number 23412802500133 for one good hour only computer talking dear customers we currently experience high volume of call next available agent will be with you shortly ,what kind of useless and incompetence workers is been employed in that bank,why do you have to treat your customers like that are fulls,please how do i close my account ………………i really regret opening account with this diamond really i do,when you call all your calling card will finish ,when you write no reply,this is completely crazy,please should be careful when choosing bank to open account. Ii need to close this account now,tell me the procedure.

  8. Dabiri Adebukola says

    I opened an account with access bank on Friday 25/10/2019 I was told I will get my account number within 24hrs, have not gotten any message since then.

  9. Blessing Felix says

    Since i went to access bank to change my phone number am not able to receive alert since acess bank have taken over diamond bank everything went wrong

  10. Deborah says

    After opening access account I was devoted for instant ATM without requesting for it
    I went to the branch were I opened the account and I was told its in lagos whereas am in anambra state i was told to call the customer care to refund the money back to my account I did as the instucted they promised to refund the money since I didn’t request for it, but up till now its getting to two months they didn’t refund the money and right now am in another state what do I do

  11. johnson adima says

    My name is johnson adima i use pos on 2/10/2019 at POS/WEBPMT PAYCOM NIGERIA LIMITED LA OONG time 09;54am i was debited one thousand naira and it has not been reversed since then

  12. omotosho sheriff olamilekan says

    Hello my name is omotosho sheriff olamilekan I came to register an account with access two ago and they told me I see my account number and bvn after 24hour but I have not seen till now how can you help me with that

  13. Ogbeide gideon says

    Am not in Nigeria right now, so I want to register my gmail on my account so that I can be receiving messages true my gmail pls can it possible

  14. Junaid says

    Please I tried using my account number (diamond) to sign up for access online but it said it can’t find my account how can I go about that ?

  15. Abdulrauf Mohammad says

    I am trying to check my accounts balance but not gng through and the number am using is what I registered with it


    Pls i need smartphone techno hot 7 but my salary account is in fcmb still i have acc. wit access bank apply pay day loan 0767652281

      • O. Shammah A. says

        I have tried the code, and the process is straight-forward until I get to act no inquiry.
        After inputting the last 6 digits of my access (original) atm card, it prompts me for account number, which is wat I am looking for.
        Please what is wrong and how can I find out my account number remotely.

  17. Kehinde olanrewaju says

    I open my saving account with my line 08029229003 but yet i cant do any transaction with the line.can you please help.

  18. Mr Way says

    Pls I lost my sim card for alert how can I deactivate it so it won’t receive alert again
    Incase someone try to use it

  19. Deke says

    This isn’t fair,how can I open an account and they won’t even message me to tell me my own account number, I even call a customer service and I was told that to get my account number I have to go back to the branch I opened with which is in Lagos and I currently in ibadan. I really need this account and going to Lagos is not even a possible, please what can I do?

  20. oluwakemi oluwasegun says

    pls how else can I check my account balance, I av tried *901# and *901*5# yet it’s still not working and I need it urgently. please

  21. Inyang, Solomon Sylvester says

    Please I need my account number because were I copied it down I can’t find it. It is for urgent transferring of fund into the account, thanks.


    Please I need my account number because were I copied it down I can’t find it and I need the account number to enable me receive money from some one right now

  23. Israel monwan sylvanus says

    I’m Israel monwan sylvanus, I open and account since last week Monday, I need my account number my phone number are 07069737673

  24. Pam Davou Chuhwak says

    Please, I my account number both saving and current account to make transaction urgent and my phone number is 08035622428.

  25. Odili chinedu Christopher says

    I’m odili Chinedu Christopher Pls I need my account number, my phone number is 08063113385..It’s very urgent..

  26. lawal sulaimon ayomide says

    I’m Lawal Sulaimonk ayomide, phone number 08125567650, please send me my account number, i don’t have it again.

  27. NNACHI EUNICE says


  28. Atulayo Nancy says

    I am Nancy by name… I recently lost my phone and I want to know my account balance but they have with the instructions I read online they said I need to put the last 4 digits of my BVN but I dont have my BVN off hand..
    Can u please help me with my BVN code via my email address

  29. Deji-Etiwe jadesola says

    I’ve tried to check my account number on my phone with the *901# code.and I’ve not seen any option that has to do with account number. Pls I need my account number for a transaction

  30. Samuel says

    Pls I try to check my account balance using *901# but it fail pls can you help me with another code?

  31. Obolobo Mary ngozi says

    Please sir/madam I obolobo Mary ngozi opened account with assess bank but I don’t have the number any more for transaction purpose and am not in Nigeria am not using my Nigeria Mobile number so with my name help with my account number please thank you

  32. Mubashshir Abubakar Dauda says

    Hello sir,
    My name is Mubashshir Abubakar Dauda, i am a customer of Access Bank (Diamond) my problem is that i open Account with Access Bank (Diamond) and i forget the Account number known i am in school and the school is not in Nigeria that is why i want you to send me the Account number i open the Account with this number 08060195276

  33. William edet essang says

    Am William essang, one of the Access Bank (Diamond) customer, please i lost my phone and my sim, and i don’t have the access to do the welcome back, please show me the way to change it. Thank you

  34. Michael Kwarteng says

    I have an account at Access Bank (Diamond) but I don’t know my account number. I opened the account whilst in school and we were told that the account numbers would be sent to us through SMS. I have been receiving messages from Access Bank (Diamond) every month concerning my account balance yet I haven’t received the account number itself. Please I don’t know what to do. I opened the account with the number +233540981705 in Ghana. Please help me out

  35. Sunday henry ogbonna says

    Good morning sir/ma,
    I am sunday henry ogbonna with account number
    of 0059584313,I changed
    my phone number from 09023670793 to
    09072971801 but the transaction I
    want to make today is still referring me to the
    old number
    I need the new number (09072971801)to be
    registered so as to get my
    OTP PIN from it for my online transaction.
    please reply soonest because its urgent.

  36. Sani Godbless says

    please kindly send my Access Bank (Diamond) Account Number please am stranded and someone is about to send me money but I can’t find my account number

    • Editor says

      You need your phone number to check the BVN. The only option you have left is to visit the Bank and provide your account number and your BVN will be given to you. Thanks

  37. Olatunde solomon Sunday says

    Dear Access Bank (Diamond), d *901# is not working, pls can u send my acct number to me to dis number 08084858814, am dear in need of it

    • Editor says

      Please you will need to use the SIM you used in opening the account, if it does not work you can contact Access Bank (Diamond) Customer Care Online or in one of their branches.

  38. Ibezim Emeka Austin says

    I find it too difficult to get my account number with *901#, Please help me to send it I can’t remember it again.

  39. Jonathan Chukwuma says

    Dear Access Bank (Diamond)! can you please forward my account number to my mail box? i lost the number that i was sent when my phone got damaged. its a new account and i need to start making transactions with the account. The account was opened at Abakpa branch Enugu state in the month of October.

  40. Akochi Philomena Ijeoma says

    Please i found it very difficult to open it, check for me nd gv me d balance through this email :akochiphilomena@gmail. Com 7see d acc no 0057001276

  41. Akochi Philomena Ijeoma says

    Please i found it very difficult to open it, check for me nd gv me d balance through this email :akochiphilomena@gmail. Com see d acc no 0057001276

  42. Nathaniel Abban says

    I tried checking my account number with *901# but I couldn’t work how again can I do it to get my account number?

  43. ibrahim ashafa says

    please i need to retrive my account number *901# is not showing please help me and send it to me

  44. Fatima says

    Hello, I tried the *901# code but I couldn’t find the option of retrieving my account number, how else can I get my account without having to visit the bank?

    • editor says

      Access Bank (Diamond) has removed the feature from the USSD dashboard, but maybe it might be updated and added again. Sorry for this situation.


    I have tried using ¥901# to check my account number,and the option to check it is not there.wat do i do nw?

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