KongaPay: How to Buy Product at Cheaper Prices on Konga. Benefits, Advantages and how to register for KongaPay.

AboutDevice.com: KongaPay: How to Buy Product at Cheaper Prices on Konga.
KongaPay is a safe and secure payment method which is
created in partnership with leading banks in Nigeria to ensure trust and safety
for both buyers and sellers. It was majorly created to meet the needs of
shoppers on Konga.com.

KongaPay services have been expanded beyond those walls to
meet the needs of Nigerians seeking a payment solution that is accessible,
secure, convenient, easy to use and affordable.
KongaPay offers the following services:
Bank transfers (with ZERO transaction fee)
Airtime Purchase (MTN, Glo, Etisalat and
TV Subscription fee payment (GOTV & DSTV)
Purchases on online platforms including
Konga.com among others.
of KongaPay
Registering for KongaPay allows you to pay for orders on Konga.com at a much
cheaper price as it offers a limited offer price for users with KongaPay and it
also offers 100% buyer protection.
2. You could also get a refund, Refunds happened instantly
to your bank account when you cancel an order or request a refund.
3. Security, Your transaction details are encrypted and
transmitted between Konga and your Bank. There are no third parties involved in
the transaction
for Registration for KongaPay
You could register for KongaPay at https://www.konga.com/kongapay/.
You could use your Konga Account for the registration or
you could select I do not have a Konga account and you will be taking to the
registration page, you can register with your Facebook or Google Account


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